I think it’s about time we were formally introduced…

My name is Katy, and I live in Edinburgh Scotland with a lovely young man (who, for the purposes of this blog I shall call Batman, as in ‘What’s the plan…’, not because I have a secret thing for men in tights and cape….never mind)


and a cat called Kipling (who, for the purposes of this blog, I shall call Kipling..).


I grew up in the States and moved to the UK when I was 18 to do a degree in Latin and Scottish History, which I was rubbish at. But it was not entirely a disaster, as this is when I secondly met Batman (there’s a story in that, remind me to tell you sometime).

As I wasn’t doing amazingly well as an arts student, I thought I’d take the plunge and become an art student. I did an art foundation course (which I hated), and went to art college. I had intended to do either costuming or fashion, but ended up in the photography department, which I can say (with almost no irony) was the making of me.

Once I’d finished, I was faced with the terrifying prospect of possibly being deported to the land of the burger, and since the Scottish Executive (as it was) hadn’t managed to get its visa programme together, I did a Clothing Management MSc, which was a waste of time (except it let me stay in the country and work for two years after I had finished).

Since then I’ve been temping, alternating excruciatingly horrible jobs with fairly nice ones. I tried retail for a while, but that was an unmitigated disaster. I have now learned not to stay in a job for longer than 6 months if it makes me cry. (Batman and I also got married, which saved the hassle of the whole deportation thing.)

I am now trying to adjust my existence (sounds better than changing my life, doesn’t it?) in order to spend more time sewing/photographing/playing with glue and less time staring at a computer screen wishing I was somewhere else.

Wish me luck..