We had a productive weekend, probably due to the lovely weather.

On Sunday we went and sat in the back garden and I did a bit more work on the landscape baby quilt (photos to follow). We also took Kipper out for his first outing of the year.

He is an odd cat. He will go into the stairwell, come down the stairs to the ground floor, but hates going the half-flight down to the back door. No matter how you carry him, he will first dig his claws into you, howling as if you were trying to shave him with a sharpened toothpick, and then propel himself out of your arms and head up the stairs as fast as he can.

So the only thing for it is to put him in his cat carrier, and carry him down to the back garden, shut the door and let him out…and then spend twenty minutes whistling for him when you want to come in and he doesn’t.

Kipling outside

Once he came in, we celebrated..

Kipling wine