I sent the baby quilt off to my friend today, I’m a little nervous about it for a few reasons. It’s probably still a teeny bit damp, as I was so impatient for it to be finished I got out of bed last night to hang it out. It’s dry, honest, let’s just hope it doesn’t go fusty by some horrible trick of the post.

For some reason I’m really loathe to post a shot of the whole thing, so here are a few close ups, I promise I’ll show you the whole thing when I know she’s got it.


The world’s wonkiest label. I put it on before I had trimmed the excess backing, and seem to have lined it up with a very diagonal feature on the front of the quilt. Ah well, who needs straight lines anyway?

Field texture

This is one of my favourite parts, I love the way the stripes feel when you run your fingers over them. Texture is good for babies too, right?

So now I feel a little empty, not having something I need to rush to finish. So I worked on a few more things to sell.

Peg bag

You can find this lovely peg bag (with a vintage panel hand embroidered by Batman’s, now sadly deceased, great aunt) on Etsy. I get to keep the washing and ladybird pegs. Sorry…