Etiquette Books

I’m a bit of an etiquette fiend, I do like to know what ought to be done, even if I frequently ignore the information. It is far better to unashamedly wallow in the knowledge that one is using luncheon napkins at dinner than to do it unwittingly..

So now I am in the (gratifying) situation of asking for some assistance. When lovely people comment on your blog, what does one do? Is it common practice to email them all back to say thank you for saying nice things, or will that clog up their in box and confuse their spam filters?

If you decide to have a look at their blogs, does one just continue the conversation on the latest of their posts, or will that clutter their comments with non-sequiturs?

Please help, for Miss Manners is strangely silent on the issue (at least in all of my books ca. 1989)!

PS. In case you are pedantic or concerned at my lack of library skills, the reason the Book of Bunny Suicides and The Tale of Tom Kitten fall where they do is because Etiquette is followed by Almanacs, Animal Stories and Household Maintenance before reaching Wedding Etiquette. I can say that safe in the knowledge that you can’t see Manners for Women in the photo as it has been hidden by Don’ts for Husbands and Wives. It will be moved shortly.