I struggle with the idea of random.. I know and love the fact that handmade things often have faults and inconsistencies, but sometimes I struggle with it myself.

I am not, by any means, a tidy person but I think I am justified in using the term careful. For instance I don’t like doing things unevenly, so if I find that going up a flight of stairs means I’m using one foot more than the other, halfway up the stairs I’ll switch feet. The seams of paper cups need to sit opposite my mouth, under the fingers. I try to add a little chaos into my life, I try not to measure things if I can eyeball them more easily, and I try not to unpick things more than six or eight times..

We’re going on holiday on Sunday, and I’ve used it as an excuse to shorten a few skirts which were at the slightly unattractive mid-shin length. One of my favourite dresses was starting to fray where the halterneck panels met, so I shortened it and thought I’d cover the frayed bits with some buttons. I tipped out the bottle of mother of pearl buttons and thought ‘Here’s a fine opportunity to introduce a little randomness, I’ll just pick a few random buttons and run them up the neckline in pleasant, but random intervals.’

Which meant, of course, that I managed to select six identical buttons and placed them at carefully measured 2 inch intervals up the neckline. Maybe next time…

Orange dress