…has something like this happened.

Yes indeed, this is the incontrovertible proof that sometimes, just sometimes the bias binding runs out three inches after you finish binding a project.

The project in question is a furoshiki which is a really nifty Japanese technique for wrapping things in squares of fabric. This is good for several reasons, it’s easy to do, it’s a nice hippy project, and it means my half-arsed wrapping paper efforts will no longer haunt me! So my plan is to make a whole bunch of them in time for Christmas and use them for wrapping presents.

The two-tone blue one is one I made, and the other two are granny scarves that I realised were nice enough to use (and only 50p each!).

..now all I need is a polite way to tell people they can’t keep the scarves!

For wrapping instructions and a size guide, check out The Japanese Ministry of the Environment.