Sometimes I wish I had a wearable camera. Although I worry that I would end up like the person Batman met at a conference who had been wearing a specially designed camera which took photos every 5 minutes (apparently after the first few days they added a delay button to allow for going to the toilet) for several years. The result was millions of out of focus photos of nothing in particular. I think the idea was something to do with people with memory problems, but I was a little unclear as to how it would help.

But I digress.

Sometimes you just see things that make you wish you had a decent camera attached to your forehead so you could get a photo without being arrested.

This was a group of four school-aged girls and what I assume was one of their grandmothers. The grandmother had one of those plastic spotted rain bonnets that my gran used to wear. You could buy them at the chemist in little packets and they had taped edges that tied under your chin.

But the best bit was that all the little girls also had identical rain bonnets on. You can imagine the progression, first one of them wanted to try it on, then the rest of them.. and then someone bought them a matching set. So the quality’s rubbish, but I maintain it was a good photo trying to happen.

The other one has less artistic merit, but in conjunction with this, I’m beginning to see a pattern.