We have an un-official Stitch n Bitch group going fuelled by cake and tea. I always feel a little left out because I’m the only non-knitter. I can knit, but I knit very tightly and it hurts my hands, so I don’t do a lot of it.

At our last meeting, we were discussing what yarn-based craft I could take up, and we decided that since we had a lot of knitters, crochet would broaden our skills base (can you tell we’re all children of the Nineties?). So in addition to the tatting, I’ve started on a crochet quest.

I think it’s the whole Autumn-start of school thing, but I always seem to start new genres at this time of year. My mum says she has an urge to buy pens and paper for the same reason (this from a woman who phoned me, distraught because ‘I will never need to buy another pen again in my life! I have more than I will ever use up!’).

I think I’m having making-withdrawal symptoms because I slept badly last night, dreaming of crochet…

Anyways, on an expedition for masking tape yesterday, I bought three crochet hooks for 60p at one of our local charity shops. Here are the two most interesting, I bought them mainly because they’re pretty…

But I’ve been playing with some of the tatting cotton as well, trying to remember my crochet technique which was last used to make a baby blanket for my cousin who has her bat mitzvah this year!