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This is the wreath I made with the remains of a fine New England Clam Chowder and a hot glue gun a few years ago. (I probably shouldn’t tell you that I made the clam chowder, enjoyed it thoroughly and then had a phone call from mum to wish me Happy Rosh Hashanah..woops! I try a little harder now..)

Anyways, it’s a kind of a sad post, since we’re officially announcing our relocation to Manchester in the New Year. We’ve lived in Edinburgh for nine years, and Batman’s been in this flat for eight of them.

But he’s got a shiny new Bat-job protecting our nation’s coastline, and we’ve decided that it might be an idea to try a new city until they’ve sorted the trams out in Edinburgh.

So it’s our last wreath-hanging in Edinburgh for at least three years.

..but tune in next week to see if we can fit all our furniture in the new house (yes, that’s right, the stairs are on the inside!), and see if Kipling will ever get the hang of a catflap.