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As you might have guessed, I’m not terribly good at Christmas. My childhood memories of it are usually endless tedium, broken up by making something exciting (like Goose) for dinner and trying to find a Hindu friend to come with me to the cinema.

Once I started spending Christmas with Batman’s family, I started picking up traditions. One of their traditions is to put a pound coin and a satsuma in everyone’s Christmas stocking. So I set about making Christmas stockings for us… (mine’s the Jewish looking one) and Kipling.

Since we’re in the States this year, the pound coin thing wasn’t too useful, and there’s something quite unpoetic about taping four quarters together. So while we waited for the airport to phone us to say they’d located our luggage (the one with all the presents in, naturally). I decided to try an alternative to the pound coin.

I used the instructions on this website.