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I’m on a roll..

You’ll have to excuse the washed out photo, for some reason I’m on a real over-exposed and out of focus photo kick, you could say it’s because I’m too lazy to get a tripod set up, but I like to think of it as a style!

This is the beautifully massive attic room (which we have designated The Garret as a follow on from The Hovel which I used as a sewing room in the Edinburgh flat), full of random boxes half-unpacked in an attempt to find the camera.

Downstage left is my scrap box, which I love except for the fact that I have had to switch the Purple (see, there was a point to this) and Blue boxes because otherwise it doesn’t close properly. At the same time as understanding that this is a perfectly logical solution, it drives me nuts.

You can also wave hello to Xerxes the Monkey, Tiger the (wait for it) Tiger and Joey the Bear who is hiding behind the ball of wool.