Been trying to catch up on a bit of HS/MS/HS, managed a few this weekend..

With a new house comes new keys, but of course all the old trinkets have to come too.

Old: St Christopher’s medallion, now you may ask why a Jewish girl carries a Christian saint’s image on her keys? Well Jewish people don’t do saints and I’ve always like the idea of someone particularly keeping an eye out for me when I travel (especially flying). I even have a St Christopher’s medal on my mum’s house keys because it means when I fly to the States I always have one on me.

The ballet slippers are from my mum, to replace a keyring she bought me years and years ago that disappeared.

You can also just see one of the collection of safety pins that I always carry. I can’t tell you how often they have come in handy…

New: British Heart Foundation trolley disk. I’m a bit rubbish at having change for shopping trolleys so I thought I’d see how long it took me to leave this in a trolly.