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I was trying to be good, I really was. I spent about two hours chatting to a friend who runs the most fabulous tea shop and antiques store. If you are in Edinburgh you have to go. Beautiful tea served on antique tea cups and homemade pastry. Plus a back room full of pretty things that will complete your life.

So I was discussing the difficulties of having taste that outweighted your budget and we were complimenting ourselves on trying to be restrained…until I popped into the Oxfam bookshop on my way home.

Longer term readers of this blog, or anyone who has ever looked at my bookshelf will know that I have a keen interest in etiquette. I also have very few British books, having started my collection with Miss Manners. So I couldn’t pass it up…

I stopped feeling guilty when I had a quick browse through it and found the author warning us to: “Remember that someone is not socially dead until after their funeral, when they become the late So-and-So.’