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So this moving thing is a bit of a window on the self in relation to personal space. It feels like I’ve been here for much longer than three days, although I should probably leave the village and go exploring a little more!

Living with internal stairs gets a bit of getting used to, I keep getting to a floor and realising that what I needed is on another floor. Still, at least I’m getting fit!

I have an almost pathologic need for rubbish and recycling bins in every room of the house.

I have a not-so-secret wish for the dining room to be some sort of holy place which is only used for eating in and doesn’t have random bits of post or stuff with no home cluttering up the place. If I can teach Kips to wait table, I’d be sorted.

I am magnetically drawn to bay windows with the sun coming through them.

I don’t feel somewhere is quite home if the ketubah and huppah aren’t on the walls. We got the ketubah up, but finding a free space 6 feet by 4 out of direct sun and if possible not above a radiator is making me appreciate our 14 foot Edinburgh ceilings.

There is nothing funnier than a cat on a steep set of stairs…