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Goodness, time flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it?

Had a lovely Pesach and Easter, full of chocolate bunnies, green gefilte fish (a little tip, don’t use red onion..tastes great, looks awful!), and growing things!

We’ve planted some lily of the valley, a random bulb selection, and some herbs and lettuce. I get very excited by growing things. I peek in the little hanging basket by the front door every time I leave or come home to see if there has been any progress.

Our nephews (thankfully accompanied by responsible adults) came for the day on Good Friday and we had a good (but soggy) afternoon wandering around the local botanic gardens and the playground.

The wee one is Batman’s godson as well (I faithfully promised to teach him to drink underage if he would promise never to be sick on me again)…

The older one has reached the age where you can have proper conversations with him, it’s really cool (but dangerous if you’re as flippant as we are). We had to send the skeletons that apparently reside in our cellar to the seaside for the weekend because he couldn’t decide if he was scared or if he wanted to see them!