…so little.

I feel like I’ve been away for ages, except I haven’t gone anywhere.

Progress has been a little slow, stuff like having a job I get paid for (however briefly) seems to have sucked all the energy out of me (Excel’ll do that do you). I’m also feeling a little stuck with the whole art thing. I have lots of ideas, but don’t seem to be able to translate them into anything more.

Still, I’ve been salt printing today, so I’ll have something to show for that, both in terms of prints and I think I’ll do a little eulogy to salt printing because I love it so much.

I’ve also become a little obsessed with the artistic possibilities of eggs, so now I have a box of eggshells that I need to do something with. I can’t decide if I should have boiled the empty shells or not. I don’t think they smell, but Kipling’s pretty interested in them nevertheless.