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Just saw this post on shirt quilts on the Crafting in a Green World blog and thought it was high time to post an update on my own shirt quilt.

It’s still going, if a little slowly. I got two more shirts from Dad at Christmas, but I hadn’t factored in the design challenges provided by the fact that two of the shirts are almost identical.

So if I’m doing hexagons and I want a different fabric on each side (which I think I do, but I’m not sure about yet) then I need 7 shirts, which may or may not include identical shirts.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the identical-ness, this is a process quilt more than anything, so if it’s like that in life, it’s like that in the quilt… but since Dad won’t give up a shirt unless at least three colleagues have mentioned that frayed cuffs aren’t a good look in front of patients, I’m expecting this to be a long-term project. (That or the lure of Internet Fame will encourage a rash of new donations..I’ll keep you posted.)

The subject of the Crafting in a Green World post is Brooke Reynolds who has a selection of dress shirt quilts on her blog, Inchmark. It’s interesting to see what other people have done, I have got some more ideas about how to use the button bands, which I’ve been carefully saving.

(On a geeky note, I love shirting… look at the fraying on the left hand side under the tattersall pile, stunning!)