So you’ve prepared your paper, let it dry and now you want to print.

First you need a printing frame which is like a picture frame with a hinged back, or you can use a clip frame (I’ve used both and the printing frame is much easier, but harder to get ahold of, especially in large sizes).

You magic tape the negative to the coated side of the paper (it helps to mark the coated side because it’s identical until it’s too late), put it in the frame, and put the whole thing in the sun (I know, how good is that for an excuse to sit in the garden. Unless it’s raining, like it was the last two days).

Now this is the technical bit…

Do you see that little purple edge at the top of the negative? Good, keep watching it…

Getting darker, isn’t it? Let’s have a wee look…

This is where having a printing frame makes it a little easier to check for exposure. This was just a test strip I did, for a larger print the paper would cover the whole negative.

Looks a little under done, let’s let it cook a little longer (I told you it’s an exact science).


Now all that needs to be done is to wash, fix, wash and dry the prints (and keep the cat out of the fix..)

Your finished product looks like this:

I’ll show you a little more of what I printed a bit later on.