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I’ve got involved in a UK Etsy seller’s swap recently. I’ve found that the swaps are a really good way for me to branch out and work on new ideas, plus there’s a deadline, which I really really need.

It also means I can show you some of the salt prints I made and talk about why I made them (this isn’t just artistic wankery, nothing keeps you honest like having to explain yourself in front of a particularly self-indulgent piece of work).

The theme came from another swap theme, which was ‘hand’, and since I started it just after Passover, I had the basics of a theme. I was thinking about hands and what jobs they do and how they often fulfil very different functions.

The egg was the first image that came to mind, which felt especially appropriate with salt printing (eggs and salt water are eaten together at Passover, see The Governess for a slightly over-dramatic salt printing at Passover film). Next came the Hamsa, which is a protective symbol in many Middle Eastern cultures, and the scissors, which are my grandmother’s pinking shears.

I usually get completed images popping into my head before I start taking photos, and the same thing with titles..so the Three Ages of Woman just kind of appeared.

So happy housewarming Amity, hope you enjoy having it on your wall!