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I’m feeling a little absent at the moment, for which you have my wholehearted apologies! My Pilates coursework is due at the end of this week, I’m commuting an hour and a half each way to a 4 hour temp job, Batman has deserted me to go to Crete for a conference, and I’ve had a headache for the last 4 days that codeine won’t shake!

So I’m a bit of a mess…

Anyways, I was desperate for something to eat for tea last night that was quick and summery and this really helped. I’m afraid my recipes are low on measurements and stuff, consider it a creative process!

Cucumber Soup:

1 cucumber, cut in quarters lengthwise with the seedy bits cut out and then chopped roughly.

Plain yoghurt

Mint (I used dried but fresh would be nicer)

Puree the above ingredients until soupy, start with small quantities of yoghurt and then add more if you need it.

Then add the following to taste:

Lemon juice (just a squeeze will do)


Cayenne pepper


Old Bay (if you’ve got it.. it’s amazing stuff)

Refrigerate, and enjoy!