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…parcel tape!

I recently won a little giveaway generously donated by Rachel of Cornflower Blue Studios.

It was full of such treasures as a ballerina handkerchief, three bags of buttons (it was almost too exciting..), some fabulously colourful jewellery, and one pretty and serviceable apron, and one that was so fabulously and amazingly wrong for any aproning duties I had to wear it around the house for a while. (It’s sheer, flammable, and has a wedding ring-type ornament attached to it…all it lacks is feather-trimmed mules.)

But beyond her generosity, you should go visit Rachel’s blog because she does quite a few things better than I do, and I want you to see them..

1. Hauntingly beautiful free-form crochet.

2. Medical embroideries.

3. Still life assemblage.

As if that wasn’t enough…

So off you go, enjoy.