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I may have mentioned this before, but I am a bit of a perpetual student. I’ve been trying to work out what the longest time has been between exams, hand-ins or other outside deadlines. Not counting the fact that was in almost full-time education almost as soon as I left the hospital until the age of 25, then there was a 4 year gap which I filled with a driving test (theory and practical sections), two ballet exams, a photography course, and then Pilates.

No sooner have I finished my practical Pilates assessment (it went well, I’ll let you know my results when I find out in a few weeks), when I realise that I should probably take my Life in the UK test which will enable me to stay in the country in perpetuity (short of committing a horrible crime or something). I would even be able to stay without Batman’s auspices, so I’ll have to start loving him for his inherent charms, rather than his ability to keep me in the country.

So I’ve booked my test and started studying… which rather scuppers all the other plans I’d made for the end of Pilates-based studying like organising the Garret and taking some photos and all that stuff.

Still, I’m nothing without a deadline, so here we go again!