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It’s been a crazy week at Misericordia Mansions, I’ve been riding a wave of (caffeine-induced) creativity and enthusiasm and I’ve hardly had time to stop and document it.

I’ve found a ballet class or two at Sunshine Studios, which is a hilarious Formulaic Dance Film-like place where I waited for class to start among the popping and locking set, picking out the bunheads from afar. It’s so nice to be back in class, even if it hurts the next day!

I’m trying to stop myself from starting too many projects at once, a feat which is made more difficult by the arrival of this lovely package.

Can you see my eager fingermarks where I tore it open on the way back to the car from the sorting office! Longtime readers will be aware that practicality rarely gets in the way of prettyness in my life, and this is silk laceweight destined to be a baby present for a friend. She’ll understand beauty over function, and babies aren’t babies forever, and when they grow up they need silk!

But before I start that, I need to finish my over-engineered curtains that I started last night. I’m hoping to write a tutorial, so I’d better get cracking so I’ll have a finished product to show for it.

I found these scissors, I don’t know where they came from, so if you gave them to me, thanks. If I stole them from you, let me know…otherwise I’ll just get on with it!