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I, like the rest of you in the UK at least, am suffering through the heat! I’m trying to remember the things we used to do when I was a kid in the States to stay cool and it basically involves trying to dampen yourself in various places where the blood runs close to the surface (ankles, knees, wrists, neck) and letting it evaporate!

Somehow all the best summer things, like fruit picking, lead to things that make you warmer, like making jam.

If you like, you can imagine them full of ‘cooling jellies’ (must be said in the style of Ian McKellen).. they are actually full of raspberry and gooseberry jam.

I need to apologise to any creature within a 50 metre radius of any of my plants, I am feeling particularly unfriendly to creepie crawlies who seem to insist on eating all of my carefully tended plants. I’ve been spraying them with an organically noxious substance that claims it is pet safe, and therefore doesn’t do much to protect the poor plants.

To prove I am not entirely heartless, here is a lovely photo of plant-eating creatures that I did not spray, mainly because they were in someone elses’ garden!