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I’m feeling a bit sentimental, it’s our second anniversary tomorrow.. bear with me.

One of the things that I like about Batman (apart from his fine pair of calves and good waltzing technique), and that we share, is the need to understand how things work, and if possible, to be able to make and do things by ourselves.

So although he doesn’t necessarily feel the need to expand his sewing skills beyond the pair of shorts he made at school, he understands why I would want to spend countless hours and tears making quilts and clothes. In the same way, I may joke about how he’s never allowed to go to the shops again, I’m secretly pleased that we ended up with a beer-making kit this weekend.

Particularly well-timed to the week before our first house-inspection by the letting agents, but also coinciding with my dad’s visit in August, we have a vat of proto-beer in the cellar.

I’ll let you know how we get on… and if anyone in the Manchester area has any empty fizzy juice bottles and/or Barr’s screw-top bottles with lids that they want to donate to the cause, please let me know!

(The dying experiment in the photo was a complete disaster, the ribbon ended up an unpleasant hospital-walls-green…)