I feel so guilty! I’ve been doing a lot of useful stuff, like passing my Life in the UK test and sending my indefinite leave application off with many muttered imprecations towards Royal Mail, if they lose my envelope.

I have been trying to force myself towards working up a coherent project and peddling it around the pubs and vegetarian cafes of Manchester. To this end, I went off to pet the books at the MMU library (I love libraries..I want to take one home someday) yesterday, and now I’m trying to work out how to make paper yarn.

Paper Yarn by Greetje Van Tiem

Paper Yarn by Greetje van Tiem

I’ve found some stunning stuff by a Dutch artists Greetje van Tiem (her website is amazing, but in Dutch), there’s an article in English here if your Dutch is not so hot.

There are a few snags, one I don’t spin (and oddly, apparently for a crocheter, I’m not all that interested in learning) and two I’m torn between the idea of being able to read the paper and getting something as beautifully fine as van Tiem’s work.

But now (she says, googling as she speaks), I have discovered a happy medium!

Fibrecrafts has a selection of paper yarns, pre-spun for my convenience… now to decide what to do with it!