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Anyone who has ever gone shopping with me will tell you that I have two main ways of selecting garments. One way is to close my eyes, put out my hands and stop as soon as I feel something soft. The other way is to stand at the door of the shop for a moment, then dash headlong towards the colour that catches my attention first.

That colour is never beige.

In my artwork, I must confess, I am frequently drawn to naturals (see how much nicer it sounds than beige?). I have a small obsession with string (never twine, just string), it all it’s undyed glory. I can stand for hours next to various shades of calico and admire the subtle difference between the slightly pinky and the oatmeal. If there’s the tiniest hint of a slub or a brown fleck, I go a little giddy. It’s a strange and wonderful thing to behold.

So I had a strangely satisfying afternoon picking out two kinds of natural cotton yarn (the one pictured is exquisitely string-y) for my next project.

Now back to our regularly scheduled riot of colour..these are for a pseudo-hat (which is what you get when you make an eye veil and need something to rationalise it as an accessory) which I am wearing to a wedding next week.