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I’ve been playing with weaving  recently, and it’s doing funny things to my head.

I’m still trying to organise my next project, and I’ve started swatching my ideas to see what works. I tend to be able to visualise my finished pieces fairly clearly and the struggle is always to try to get my technical abilities to match my mental picture. This is not always the easiest thing in the world (ask my mother why she taught me to make my own damn Hallowe’en costumes), but I kind of like the painful inching towards an invisible goal.

I’m planning to use some of this exciting stuff:

Paper Tape from Fibrecrafts

Paper Tape from Fibrecrafts

but since I haven’t ordered it yet, I’m trying to make do by creating my own.

It ain’t pretty, certainly. But I can play with various weaving patterns and remind myself how the whole thing works. I also dug about for other, more attractive materials, and was quite pleased with my twill twill (oh the endless fabric-based comedy).

(A moment’s pause and sniffle for the Woolworth’s packet which used to hold the twill. I now have an overwhelming craving for pick n mix.)