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I came to this a little late to become entirely involved in it, but I think it’s interesting nevertheless.

Here’s a paraphrased summary of the project from the Manchester Hermit’s blog:

Ansuman Biswas confined himself to the Gothic Tower at the Manchester Museum, with no physical contact with another human being for forty days and forty nights.

Biswas say:

‘Over several months I have been exploring the museum stores and collecting my own little cabinet of curiosities. Each day over the next forty days I will choose an object from my collection and offer it up in a spirit of sacrifice. The object will be announced through a variety of media, including this blog.

I will then destroy it.

This destruction will inevitably take place unless someone cares for the object. Anyone who cares may show that they do in whatever way they choose. Recognized experts and potentially interested parties will be specifically invited to contribute their views. Manchester Museum curators and staff are also welcome to share their expertise, but all responses will compete in a transparent public forum.

In the absence of some positive appreciation of the object – a poem, a video, a child’s drawing, a scientific assessment, etc., etc. – I will assume that it is of no value to anyone and should no longer take up space in the archive.

Although objects will be revealed one by one, the fate of each object will remain open until a clear consensus is reached. The most beautiful appreciation or cogent argument will be chosen by general agreement. Stewardship of the object will then be transferred to the respondent who may decide to return it to the Manchester Museum or some other place.’

The whole project is a bit of an anathema to me, I am a great saver, hoarder and archiver of (probably) useless things for the sake of their existance.

However, it’s interesting to see what he has chosen and how people respond to them.

I’ve picked two items, one is the first thing he posted about, quite obviously to get a response and start debate. The other is something that appeals to me more, I think, than to the other people who have responded.

The Manchester Hermits First Exhibit

The Manchester Hermit's First Exhibit

I have responded to both of the items I’ve posted about, you can click on the photographs to go directly to the blog post in question, or use the link at the top to have a look at the whole project.

The Manchester Hermits Box of Orphaned Labels

The Manchester Hermit's Box of Orphaned Labels

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