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I’m trying to get used to merging two halves of my creative method (oooh, look at that, it sounds like I have a plan and everything!).

One side of it is the photographic modus operandi, which usually involves picturing the entire finished project in one quick mental image and then trying to recreate it. The other is the sewing/crochet/cooking/everything else which involves combining a more haphazard group of ideas or materials and using the process of making (and mistaking) to arrive at a point which is just as much a surprise to me as to everyone else.

I’ve always found the photography fairly rapid to complete once I know what I’m doing. I usually draw out very rough sketch so I don’t forget what I’m doing, then it’s just a case of shoot, print and display.

The current Beige Extravaganza is like a photographic project in conception, but due to it’s non-photographic nature it’s unfolding and meandering more like the other type of project.

So I’m finally relaxing into the whole sketchbook thing as part of this. I spent ages in college trying to understand how the tutors wanted me to use my sketchbook. At the time I found it difficult to work on anything larger than A4, and the whole thing was full of tiny, tentative sketches in mechanical pencil, or pasted in photocopies of other people’s work.

Now I think I’m getting the hang of how to play with the thing(and I’ve bought an A3 sketchbook and finding it’s a little small!), so if any of my tutors are reading, I was paying attention, see!