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So, I’m stuck in bed for the next week or so… this isn’t going to be fun for poor Batman!

I’ve decided that the best way to keep from going crazy is to try to keep busy, so I’m trying to take photos and do some work on the Beige Extravaganza while unable to sit up!

This is the view from the floor where I ended up for an hour or so when I attempted to get up a little too fast! I’ve been meaning to get that lonely picture hook filled for ages, all it needs is a hanging loop for the picture you can just about see on the dresser.

My pointe shoes taunting me, I was going to start back at pointe on Thursday next week.

But it’s not all bad, it was our second 2nd anniversary yesterday, so we had a sushi picnic. I don’t know how the Romans managed to eat leaning on one arm, it was exhausting!