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I have to say, I always find that September has more of a New Year feeling than January. I’m sure it’s all the years of education mingled with religion, but every September I feel the need to buy a new notebook and start again.

It’s probably the same impulse that makes me read the Unclutterer blog while surrounded by the chaos of The Garret.

So I’ve started a new To Do list for this week and thrown in a few longer term goals. I’ll tell you what they are, because if I tell you, I’ll feel the need to keep to them a bit more!

My current goals:

  • Three blog posts per week (initially in September, but the plan is to extend it)
  • Re-design the Misericordia website
  • Finish the Beige Extravaganza project test pieces by the end of the month so I can start finding somewhere to display it.

So I’ve shared my September goals, what are yours?