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(Don’t worry, this is a ‘Nooooooooooo!’-free post and everyone leaves with the hands they came with.)

Work on the Beige Extravaganza is continuing slowly, but (I’d like to think) surely. I did some testing/swatching for one of the pieces and frustratingly it ended with Batman being right.

This meant that I had to unpick F through l and start again, satin stitching with sewing thread.

Yes, I know…but unfortunately the whole project is about tedious and potentially pointless expenditure of time and energy, so I have to go with it.

But now I know that when faced with the options of either spending 10 minutes with a seam ripper or tracing text onto fabric, I prefer the seam ripper…

This has been a public service blog post to reassure my dad that I am still working to his deadline, eating my vegetables and hanging by my thumbs!