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I wish I could work more consistently. I spend yesterday mooching about and not doing very much, and now all of a sudden I’ve got too much to do and so much energy that I can’t stick to doing one thing long enough to finish it!

I read a very useful post by artist Alexandra Hedber who suggests logging your time in order to see how you spend your time. It would be a fabulous idea if I weren’t sick of cataloguing my life, current lists include food diary, television watching, blogging three times a week, 4 hourly intake of ibuprofen and probably more I haven’t thought of! I think I need to be anonymous in some aspects of my life!

But having finished and blocked (a bit wonkily, I must admit) my tatting mock up, I now know how I will do it better for the larger piece.

But I’m pleased with how it turned out. I now need to get moving onto the next piece, I’ve been concentrating on the tatting to the exclusion of everything else.

I might have to write an Ode to Brown Paper, as a parallel to my beige obsession.