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So I’ve just squeeked in with my self-imposed threepost per week deadline!

We had a little Sukkot party yesterday, which was an adventure in many ways.

First, we’d neither of us ever made a sukkah. So we decided to wing it a little, with as little equipment as possible.

So we used some decking and the world’s most entertaining extendable trellises….and lots and lots of string. The entire structure relies on string to keep it upright. Because of course, there would be exciting autumn gales the day we put it up.

Then of course, we had the questions of whether hanging vegetables from it would actually bring the structure down. (So far, so good..we’ve got the makings of a fine ratatouille hanging from it and it’s still upright!)

The other thing is working out how various new groups of new friends interact.

Making s’mores over the barbeque is a good way to break the ice!

Feeling sufficiently harvesty now, but if anyone is passing and wants to help eat the vast amount of food we have leftover, please do!