I seem to have had a lot of pent up energy this weekend, which mostly seems to have resulted in frantic crocheting (better than dropping crockery or screaming, I guess).

My Friday project was this:

It’s a water bottle holder. My new dance bag is fabulous, but has no space for a water bottles. Pointe shoes and water go together like chocolate fountains and children in frilly party frocks, so a solution was necessary.

Happy Together

Happy Together

(The careful observer may notice that my energy doesn’t appear to have extended to actually weaving in ends, but I promise I will get to it by Thursday.)

The remainder of the weekend was taken up with this fetching hat:

I would model it, but it’s sopping wet and wrapped around a dinner plate, which isn’t a good look.

I just managed to finish it with the two skeins I had. I was so pleased, I had to take a cheesy photo to text to Batman, showing  just how much I had left.