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Remember these little guys?

I’ve decided to give the crochet a rest for a while and work on some other stuff. Second on my list (but with a higher instant gratification factor than the first thing on the list) is the shirt quilt.

When Dad came to visit in June he brought four more shirts, and in tidying up the Garret, I’ve realised that I should really start cutting them up. So I’ve disected them into their constituent parts (in the car on the way to and from a journey to Knutsford to convince ourselves that we had picked the perfect birthday present for Batman) and started filling the Champagne Tin of Finished Hexagons.

As I pinched and stitched hexagon after hexagon I got a phone call from Dad who said he had more shirts (some of them were even not blue), which meant that the hexagons I had were not a representative sample of the finished piece. But if I wanted to make more space in the CToH I would need to start piecing hexagons together into rings….

We needed a system:

If the level of hexagons in CToH reaches 2/3 (which has now been marked at 8″ from the base of the tin which measures a convenient 12″ high) then the tin is closed and shaken vigorously.

Some of the contents are then tipped out and a ring of seven hexagons are selected, starting with the centre piece and carrying on clockwise.

Selection must be made not by fabric but by position or angle of the piece on the floor,  or detail of the paper template which may be showing. Once selected, the hexagon can be rotated, but its position in the ring must remain static.

For every seven hexagons which are removed from the tin, seven new hexagons must be added to maintain the correct level. Then the process starts again.

Heaven knows how I’m going to decide how to position the rings, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.