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I’m a little behind on my list of things to do, so just a quick post today. Part of the reason I’m so behind is that the list of blogs I read seems to be expanding rapidly. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying it takes a little time to absorb all the fabulousness.

So here’s a little guide to my updated links (they’re over there on the right.. they may have been accidentally removed for a little while…but they’re back now and everything is as it should be):

In alphabetical order:

Alexandra Hedberg

An artist in Sweden who gives very sensible advice about how to sell your art, and also does amazing drawings like this one.


Alexandra Hedberg: Cheetah

Alexandra Hedberg: Cheetah


Born Knitty

The lovely (and incorrectly named) rubbishknitter has adventures in wool…and sewing…and jam. She lets me thieve from her allotment and helps drink our endless homebrew, what’s not to like?

Hand Embroidery Network

Promoting hand embroidery and other creative endeavours, a subject of which I heartily approve (plus, they featured a photo of mine)! Plus they do a Stitch a Day with nice clear photographs and beautiful examples.


Hand Embroidery Stitch a Day: Double Chain Stitch

Hand Embroidery Stitch a Day: Double Chain Stitch

Yarn Harlot


She knits, she teaches, she writes, she’s Canadian. Very funny and terrifying prolific…

So there you have an update. Anyone good I’ve missed? I always need some new blogs to read (it could be worse, my mother reads something like 15 newspapers online).