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I’m a little fed up with writing at the moment. I’m trying to finish an application for an artist in residence position and I’ve hit the frustrating talking-about-myself part.

Misericordia Wordle

So I’m faffing a lot, which is why I’ve made this lovely Wordle. Click on the rather small image (can’t seem to get it to be any larger, sorry) to see it in a sensible size.

It provides such amusing juxtapositions as:

  • Knutsford fruit
  • Sweden tipped creative fingers cutting clockwise
  • smug idea stuff
  • Knitty miscommunication jam, and
  • yarn blogs missed gratification



Pilates for Crafters


Oh, and if you’re in Manchester this weekend, come see the lovely people of the Manchester Yarn Collective and me (teaching you how to sit up straight while knitting so you can make more and hurt less). Even if you don’t knit, the workshops are free, and will do you lots of good if you sit at a computer all day. There are two workshops at 4.00 pm and 4.30 pm, see you there!