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Well, not really. I only bought one postcard, and that was so I could put it in my sketchbook. My theory about postcards is that if you want to take a photo of a famous interior or something at a museum, just buy the postcard. Someone else has been there with better lighting and fewer people…

I spent a lot of time looking at trees in Berlin, it took me about two trips past these trees before I worked out what was going on.

It’s mistletoe, which I’ve never seen in situ before. I’m impressed at how spherical it is, and how well they matched the city’s Christmas decorations on the lamp posts.

To continue our tree theme, we went down Unter den Linden, which is a linden tree-lined street which was briefly flag-lined before being replanted with trees. I really like trees when they’re lit up, but I thought it was interesting that they ran the lights vertically instead of wrapping them around the trees like most other displays I’ve seen. (Should I worry that I keep track of this stuff?)

We made some friends,

and did what we do on holiday, use public transport and go to museums!

The walls of the U Bahnn had bits of clingfilm all over them, I think it must be protecting some anti-graffiti chemicals, since you could see faded graffiti under a lot of the squares.

Given that I ate smoked salmon for breakfast every morning, I wasn’t too sure I wanted to work out my weight, no matter how charmingly vintage the scales were.

But perhaps the manufacturers allowed for more frills and furbelows than I habitually wear when I weigh myself at home, as I was safely within the margins.