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It always takes me a while to sort out my New Years Resolutions, and this year is no different. You can check out my list from last year, I think I did pretty well.

So, in a particularly stretched metaphor, let’s open the lid and see what the Pressed Glass Button Pot of 2010 has to offer*…

This year it’s going to be much more structured and business-like…


  • Have three projects ready to take around galleries/cafes/cinemas by June
  • Start a new and exciting project that I have to find a name for yet
  • Email a quarterly newsletter about what I’m up to (and make sure I have exciting things to tell people!)

and a slightly frivolous one,

  • wear more black eyeliner (otherwise I’ll never finish the pot of Blacktrack)

What are your resolutions, or have you forsworn them entirely?

*Yes, I have been watching QI, can you tell?