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I’m having a bad week…

It can best be summed up thus:

(which is unfinished and badly photographed)

My Pilates classes have been snowed out and now one of them is on an indefinite hiatus because the pipes in the hall burst and they have to get a plumber (rare as hens’ teeth after the recent weather apparently) to remove a sink to get to the pipe in question.

I’ve been working hard trying to create a new and amazing website for Misericordia and it’s just not going well. Suffice it to say that Batman has convinced me to start again and I’m not happy, but I know he’s right.

I’m starting a temp job tomorrow (in the absence of any other income, see above) and I thought some bus crochet would be nice. So I took my gorgeous Secret Santa present (Woolhunter will take your pennies here)

and I’m now into my second shawl pattern, only to become increasingly convinced that while it is gorgeously soft wool and beautiful colours, it won’t suit me at all. <sigh>

So there you are… in fact the highlight of my day was getting two the halves of rainbow trout free from their bones at tea.