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Some of you who make things relatively frequently may be familiar with this situation.

You find you have a need for a product, in my case, a way to keep my Pilates mats from unrolling when I take them to and from class.

At first I thought a bit of elastic would be enough… then I foolishly turned to google and found this tutorial on Craftzine (click on the photo to go to the tutorial):

Craftzine: How to Sew a Yoga Mat Strap

Craftzine: How to Sew a Yoga Mat Strap

… and it even says ‘you could easily sew one for everyone in your class’. So off I went to Abakhans where they understand me so well that they sell fabric by the kilo (which makes it practically a vegetable)!

So here I am, cutting out lengths and lengths of  (admittedly pretty cool and exquisitely co-ordinated with my mats) fabric, trying remind myself why I do this.

By the way…I think the title of this post would make a great country song.