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Batman swanned off to Germany this morning, so it’s me and Kippie on our own for another week.

I feel a bit more prepared for the craft workshop, I even managed to make biscuits!

You’ll have to forgive the photo, the house is really dark at the moment (ok, always, but especially at the moment).

Kichelach are strange little biscuits, they’re on the tasteless side, not terribly sweet, no interesting texture, but one leads to another leads to six or seven more… I had to step away while I was baking them because there wasn’t going to be any left! I think I might increase the sugar next time, I sprinkled a little icing sugar over the top to make them look a little more festive.

Speaking of festive, this patriotic scene allows me to announce that, subject to swearing allegiance to Queen and country, I am now a British subject.

This means that I will have to remember to curtsey to the Queen instead of shaking her hand, should we ever meet (probably in that awkward way when one of you is navigating those awkward double toilet doors in one direction and catches someone else heading the opposite direction), although I don’t know what one does with dual American and British nationality.. shake hands while curtseying? I’ll have to practice.

I have vague ideas of having a bit of a bash to celebrate, probably to coincide with my birthday celebrations in May. I would like bunting and victoria sponge and sherry and a ceilidh band to help work off the excess. Very Silver Jubilee, but we have to get practicing for 2012