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As I obliquely mentioned in my New Year’s Resolution post I have a scheme which will be making its appearance shortly.

I’ve been putting off posting about it because while it was exciting at the beginning of January, its now starting to scare me. But I have to do it.. so here it is.

The premise is this, every month I will post an image which will have a limited print run (five prints), and only be available to buy during the month it is posted.

So for instance on 1 February I will be posting January’s image which will be available until the 28th (so if you want January’s print you’ll have to be faster than in some other month with more days).

Once the purchase month ends, that image will never be printed again (even if fewer than five were sold). The prints will be £20, mounted and ready to frame in a standard size frame. The prints will be made to order, so if only two people order them only two prints will be made.

Basically I want to play with the idea of scarcity in a medium (digital photography) that seemingly offers unlimited reproduction.

I’d love to know what you think, and keep an eye out for January’s photo coming soon, for a Limited Duration!