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I gave myself the day off last week, and then had a more productive day than I’ve had in ages as a consequence.

The goal was to work on this, a new quilt for the front room. We currently have two nice wool rugs (one we won in a raffle and the other is Batman’s old Scout blanket) that we use when we’re sitting on the sofa. However wool, as those of you who wear skirts will know, is a particularly itchy when combined with tights.

So when I found a pillowcase with this rather pretty embroidery in a charity shop over Christmas, I had a plan…

The goal was to only use things purchased from a charity shop or which resided in my fabric collection, but I ended up needing to buy some wool to match the pink bits of the embroidery because it’s not a colour I use (not even the pointe shoe ribbons in the bottom right corner were right) and it really needed something to pick it out in the rest of the quilt.

More photos as I progress… I’m really hoping to get this done before it gets warm again.