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Last weekend we had some friends over for afternoon tea. They recently got married, one of their wedding guests (who was Swedish) had everyone at the wedding take part in Swedish tradition where 12 people are selected by raffle ticket and they have to do a specified task with the newlyweds for each month of the year after their marriage. In Sweden there are specific festivities and activities, but some of them had to be adapted to suit British.

So we got afternoon tea in February, and we were particularly pleased about it, I can tell you. As anyone who knows me, or has ever stood next to me briefly, will know there’s nothing I love more than exciting cutlery and anachronistic table settings.

We started with miniature shepherd’s pies…

moved on to pate triangles, cheese on toast and cucumber sandwiches.

Finishing several hours later with victoria sponge, scones, meringues, Welsh cakes and chocolate eclairs. As you can see on the right, we were all swaying slightly with food exhaustion…

Now I have a box full of bread crusts that I’m trying to use up and an eclair in the fridge that I can’t face eating and fear might go to waste.

It was definitely worth the food hangover, but I certainly don’t need to repeat it in a hurry!

PS. Extra points if anyone can help me identify the yellow china pattern. It’s an Aynsley pattern that was Batman’s great aunt’s and I’ve sent photos off to a few china replacement websites and come up with nothing.