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We had a proper weekend adventure this weekend. We had a train journey (check out the blue platform, it made me feel all Train Bleu) which included a train picnic and looking at little lambies racing in the sunshine.

Then we met the in-laws, Batman’s sister, husband and assorted nephews and went to a proper hedge maze at the fabulously named Symonds Yat West.

Batman foolishly said we should split up (once the nephews went tearing off in opposite directions) and see who got to the centre of the maze first, but I pointed out that hedge mazes were specifically designed for clandestine smooching, so he changed his mind.

Eventually we got to the centre (and the kids disappeared off again) and decided it was lunchtime.

But the fun didn’t end there, we still had a butterfly garden to go to and Roman-themed mini golf…

…all of which makes getting back to less-sunny-than-Wales Manchester and doing some work a little unappealing!