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I have realised I’m kind of a selfish blogger… I never call, I never sent flowers, I never ask how you lot are doing and worst of all, I never give anything away!

So as my 250th blog post approached, I mentally earmarked it for a giveaway, and then it flew by (like the Douglas Adams quote, “I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”) and I hadn’t done anything about it. So here, in honour of my 260th post, is a giveaway:

The wool is particularly stunning (Woolhunter Alpaca Sock in Peppermint Rock for them what want to buy some) and it’s amazingly soft and lovely. There’s also a little touch of some beautiful handspun from a sheep called Nell.

(I love this way of wearing, it reminds me of Edwardian Scouting Ladies. But that may be due to the impressive bosom on my dressform!)

So the giveaway goes like this, if you have a blog write a little review of this blog or something and link back to this blog (best leave a comment when you’ve done it in case of technological failure). If you don’t have a blog, recruit someone you know who has never read this blog, and have them read it and both of you leave me a little comment so I know who you are. Then I’ll get Batman to pull a name out of a hat and the winner gets the scarf (I’ll have a little dig around and find a prize for the assistant if it’s a pair).

I’ll draw a name on the 26th of March (next Friday), so you’ve got just over a week to enter.

I’m all excited just thinking about it…