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I was faffing about at work (shhh) and doing my traditional regimented read of the BBC website (World in order, then UK, England, Scotland, Wales, Health, Education, Science and Technology, Entertainment, Magazine and if I’m still bored From Our Own Correspondent) when I came across this article about an exhibition at the V&A.

I always forget (especially when I’m in the midst of a particularly epic project) that what I’m doing is nothing to what people who came before me did.

Rajah Quilt from V&A Exhibition

Rajah Quilt, Made by convicts on board HMS Rajah, 1841, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra

In the BBC article there’s a close-up of a military quilt, which was essentially a quilt made by soldiers who were trying not to drink their pay and time away (and sensibly spent it of fabric instead). I defy anyone who thought that my hexagon quilt was a bit over the top not to be impressed by that!

So if you’re in London, please go see it, I’m hoping I’ll be passing and be able to pop in. Details of the exhibition here.